Have you seen me post about Shakeology? I sure hope so! Are you wondering what it’s all about?! Great! Let me tell you what Shakeology means to me…

Is shakeology just a protein shake? Is it just a meal replacement shake? No! It is those things and so many more. Shakeology is a protein shake, meal replacement shake, multivitamin, multi mineral health optimizer!!

It has over 70 super foods in its mixture. The ingredients are 100% natural. There are no fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugars, gluten, soy or other ingredients that are horrible for our bodies. Shakeology is 100% yummy goodness that fuels your body for success.

What are some of the benefits I’ve noticed from drinking shakeology for the last 30 days? My energy has sky rocketed. Recovery from my P90X workouts is so much faster. I am never sick! My weight loss has been boosted. My migraines are GONE! My blood sugar has been regulated. My cravings for bad yucky foods are GONE! On top of that, I know that my overall health is just improved by adding this simply, easy nutrient power house to my normal food intake.

How do I make my Shakeology? I use the tropical vegan Shakeology and mix it with a handful of frozen mixed fruit and about 8oz of water. It is easy, super yummy and filling! There are so many recipes out there to experiment with and you get a 30 day recipe calendar with your bag of Shakeology! No muss, no fuss – that is fast food at its finest. No drive thrus, no waiting in line, and the most healthy option, too!

So what do you get with Shakeology? You get a fast, healthy, daily meal replacement that is a total health optimizer, multivitamin and multi mineral. Plus, you get all of the added benefits you get from this amazing shake.

So for $4, you can have the fastest meal possible, your protein shake, your multivitamin and multi mineral supplement, increase your energy, boost your weight loss, reduce your cravings, regulate blood sugar/blood pressure/cholesterol, and prevent illness for yourself! All of that for $4?!?! That’s right!! That’s a crazy good deal when you break down how much you may spend at drive thrus, medicine, prescriptions, energy drinks/lattes, weigh loss pills, vitamins and supplements, etc.

Plus, how much time will it give you?! Everyone I know could benefit from having more energy to power through their days. How much time would you save by not having to make a meal for yourself everyday, shopping for that meal, planning that meal? How much time would you save by not driving somewhere and sitting in a drive thru line? How much time would you gain from rarely being sick? We all know the saying….Time is $$$$$!

The benefits of adding Shakeology to your daily diet are exponential and far exceed the cost of $4 per day. Shakeology is the pot of good at the end of my rainbow! I invest $4 per day in MYSELF and the outcome is that I feel like a million bucks! Don’t you want to feel like a million bucks?! Please contact me for more info so I can help you get there!