Ugh…cheat meal 😳

So I went to a birthday shindig yesterday. It was fun and got to see a lot of family I haven’t seen in a while. I was good and ate my fish and veggies prior to leaving for the party and packed a snack of mixed nuts and a Cutie (like a small orange) so fighting temptations shoulda been easy right?!?! WRONG! Omg… everywhere and 0% of it was healthy other than the bottled water. I had a break down 😦

Needless to say…after consuming a part of a croissant deli sammich, baked beans WITH YUMMY BACON, some hash brown casserole thingy (OMG), a piece of bday cake, a scrumptious homemade choc-o-chip cookie, and half of a bday Oreo…..I was in a carb coma on my way for a huge sugar crash. And crash I did. Crashed hard. Since I haven’t had and simple carbs in what seems like weeks, after consuming them, I was in an immediate dive bomb sugar crash.

After I got home, I consumed a ton of herbal tea and water, took a steamy hot shower, drank my healthy green smoothie in hopes to somewhat avert a crisis. Some learning lessons from this occasions :

1. These things happen! Life goes on 🙂 just plan, prepare and stay strong to fight the temptations.
2. Willpower is a muscle. The more you exercise it, the bigger that muscle grows and the easier it is to fight temptations.
3. View these as treat meals instead of cheat meals. “Cheat” assumes its bad and it’s ok to treat ourselves occasionally with food as a reward for sticking with clean eating and exercise.
4. Make healthier choices for treat meals so you are sent into a tail spin immediately upon consumption and feel like a pile of poo for days.
5. Save treat meals for special occasions like bdays, anniversaries, weddings, special events etc. sitting at home and eating a tub of ice cream, alone, on the couch, in front of the tv isn’t a special occasion.

Most importantly about this day…I got to see a lot of family, especially my cousins and their adorable babies that I have not seen in eons. That was the best part of my day and what this “treat meal” worthwhile 🙂

Have a lovely and blessed day 🙏 Thank you for reading 😘