How Can I Fit Exercise Into My Life?

How Can I Fit Exercise Into My Life?

“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

We all have days that we struggle with having the motivation to get our exercise in. I know I do, so I’m sure you do too. How can we overcome this lack of motivation?

There are a few things I do EVERY SINGLE DAY to help keep me motivated. I start the night before….I get all of my workout gear (shoes, clothes, weights, mat, etc) out and ready to go so that’s one less thing I have to do at the crack of dawn.

I go to bed early! 8pm CST folks! I know what you’re thinking….that’s too early or what about my shows?! Set the DVR to record the shows you simply can’t live without and take your butt to bed! If you’re exhausted, you won’t want to get up before the birds in order to bust a sweat. Additionally, you’d rather sit on the couch and watch tv than get your butt in gear and get in shape so you can be healthy and live longer? If this is you, my guess is you’ve stopped reading by now.

I pack my lunch for the next day. I lay my work clothes out the night before so everything is ready to go. There is no time to think about it and there are no “excuses” as to why you can’t workout.

I’m up at 230am CST to break my sweat EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ok, I may sleep in until 4am on the weekends, but my workout is the very first thing I do EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is for several reasons.

1) My early morning workout sets the tone for my day. If I don’t get my workout in, the rest of my day seems off. Nothing seems to go right, I feel super tired and sluggish, I don’t have the desire to eat as healthy and my sleep is off for that night. And people start to take notice on the days I don’t work out too!!

2) Motivation is earliest first thing in the morning. As your day goes on, you will talk yourself out of working out for various reasons. You’re too tired, you’re favorite show is on, a friend asked you to hangout or go to dinner….and you won’t get your workout in. If you get up and strut your stuff first thing in the morning, you don’t have to worry about it because its already done 🙂

3) Ayurvedic practices teach us that there is more energy in the atmosphere in the early morning before so the sun rises, so use it to your advantage!! Believe it or not, you will have more energy throughout your day and will accomplish more in a few hours than most people do all day! Also, early morning workouts will help you sleep more soundly at night and who doesn’t need that?!

Now I know you’re probably saying “I’m not morning person and can’t drag my butt outta bed before the sun and birds are up to bust a sweat”. Trust me, you can! It will take a few days or maybe the first week to get used to it, but your body will begin to naturally wake up that early and will crave your workout! Sounds crazy huh?! Give it a try 🙂

I’m sure there are a million other “excuses” I can come up with as to why some may feel they can’t wake up at the crack of dawn and workout. I will end on this note…if you want to fit exercise, health, wellness and happiness into your life, YOU WILL FIND A WAY. If not, you will find half a dozen or more excuses. Don’t let excuses run your life! Make a decision and stick to it! Build your willpower and determination muscles! Your mind, body, heart, health and even owe around you will thank you for it 🙂

See you bright and early tomorrow for the next workout 🙂


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